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Siemens: Flame Controller LMO44.255C2

  • Brand: Sudick
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Flame controller Siemens for use with oil burners.

Flame controller LMO44.255C2 microcontroller-based, designed for the startup and the supervision of 1- or 2-stage forced draft oil burners in intermittent operation. Yellow-burning flames are supervised with photo resistive detectors QRB..., blue-burning flames with blue-flame detectors QRC...



- Complete reference: LMO44.255C2

- Oil burners with fans to EN 267 

- Burner controls for use with atomization oil burners of monoblock design to DIN EN 230:2005-10 

- LMO44... for use with stationary direct-fired air heaters 

- Undervoltage detection 

- Electrical remote reset 

- Bridging contact for oil preheater 

- Monitoring of time for oil preheater 

- Accurate and reproducible control sequence thanks to digital signal handling 

- Controlled intermittent operation after 24 hours of continuous operation 

- Limitation of the number of repetitions 

- Multicolor indication of fault status and operational status messages

- Power supply: AC 230V

- Fuel valve stages: 2

- Burner capacity: >/< 30kg/h