Cofi: Ignition Transformer TRK2-30 PVD

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Cofi: Ignition Transformer TRK2-30 PVD

  • Brand: Cofi
  • Product Code: TRK2-30 PVD
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Electronic TR, 1 x 15 kV, 25 mA, 33 %, 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz for all small oil burners, universally applicable. 

The ignition transformer is CE marked, it is made in compliance with the European product standard EN 61588/2/3. It undergo to the  European low voltage directives 2006/95/CE and electromagnetic compliance 89/336/CEE. By using the advised accessories the transformer is compliant with the prescription of the generic standard EN 50081-1 and in particular with the electronic home device standard EN 55014- 1/A2. Every single transformer, at the end of its production cycle, is tested. The ignition transformer shall be used with a control unit. For European countries, an high voltage symbol with yellow color filling has to be applied outside of the device where the transformer is mounted.