Brahma: Controller

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Brahma: Controller G22


This range of electronic oil burner controls has been specifically designed for oil burners for non permanent operation. The automatic burner controls of this series are suitable for: - monobloc oil burners - warm air generators - steam boilers - power washers - kilns Due to the technical and structural characteristics and to the variety of models they can be used for the automation of cookers and oil burner operated appliances for domestic and industrial applications.


The G22 series 09 oil burner controls, simple wiring and installation. The main features of this series are following: - for non permanent operation; - for one-stage oil burners (single flame); - prearranged for appliances with pre-heater (see “CONNECTION DIAGRAMS”); - maximum heat input according to the European standard EN 267:1999-09: - £ 30 kg/h (max. ignition safety time 10 seconds) - > 30 £ 100 kg/h (max. ignition safety time 5 seconds) the pre-purge time has to be set in compliance with nominal fuel throughput of the burner; - in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 230:1991-05 concerning monobloc oil burners, safety control and regulation devices. The DIN registration number relevant to this series of devices is the following: 5F165/04 - in compliance with the standard DIN 4794 part 2, edition December 1980 regarding warm air generators WLE (only version with TV = 20s and TS = 5s); - operation with flame detector type FC7/FC8; - two independent safety contacts for oil valve(s) control; - electrical service life at max load >250.000 operations; - simple wiring and installation.




Supply Voltage: 220/240V 50/60Hz on request: 110/120V 50/60Hz

Operating temperature range: -20°C +60°C

Ambient humidity: 95% max at 40°C

Protection degree: IP 40


- Pre-purge time (TV) 1,5/10/20/30/40 s

- Ignition safety time (TS) 5/10 s

- Dropout time on running flame failure: < 1s

The times given on the burner control label correspond to the values guaranteed. The actual values slightly differ from the values given, as prepurge time can be longer and safety time shorter than their nominal values.

Power consumption: 8 VA

Contact rating: I max

- Thermostat: 6.0 A cosj > 0,4

- Motor: 2.0 A cosj > 0,4

- Ignition transformer: 2.0 A cosj > 0,4

- EV1: 0.5 A cosj > 0,4

- EV2: 0.5 A cosj > 0,4

- Pre-heater: 0.5 A cosj = 1,0

- Alarm: 1.0 A cosj = 1,0

Internal fuse rating: 6.3 A slow blow

External fuse rating: 4.0 A fast

Weight (including socket): 132 g