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We're offering full time positions for the job scopes below.

The technician is responsible for maintaining, repairing, and updating oil and gas burners at various customer locations.  Adjust and install various temperature controls and devices.  Working knowledge of electrical circuits and troubleshooting, fire and adjust burners for maximum efficiency.


  • Assumes responsibility for effectively completing boiler burner set up and maintenance.
  • Troubleshoots malfunctions in electrical circuits as necessary.  Inspects wiring, checks connections and power sources, and logs repair needs.
  • Understands basic one pipe, and two pipe steam systems and hydronic systems.
  • Basic pump repair knowledge and skills, including but not limited to circulating pumps and oil pumps.
  • Installs and maintains motors, wiring, and all electrical equipment including control work for lighting, motors, and instrumentation.
  • Restores power when failures have occurred and restarts and resets equipment as necessary.
  • Basic boiler burner troubleshooting skills, electrical and mechanical.
  • Follows all safety rules and procedures, and operates electrical equipment in accordance with established safety regulations and department policies.
  • General knowledge of domestic water systems including but not limited to instantaneous hot water heaters, tank type water heaters, booster pump systems, and domestic mixing valves, electrical and pneumatic.
  • Knowledge of various Honeywell, Fireye, Siemens, Satronic and other burner controls.
  • Knowledge of burner oil systems.

We're offering summer internships for the job scopes below.

Engineering Interns are graduating students or fresh graduates who are gaining hands-on experience in an engineering field. Common internship duties listed on an Engineering Intern resume are developing and reviewing engineering plans, implementing company procedures, reviewing applications, running tests, making recommendations for changes in policies, and completing other duties as assigned by supervisors. Eligible Engineering Intern mention skills such as engineering expertise, willingness to learn new things, organization, teamwork, and computer competences. Enrolment in an engineering college course is required for this position. Find out more by sending us your resume.